Welcome to the Future of Loan Trading

The first automated loan portfolio trading platform made for financial institutions and institutional investors.

Comprehensive cloud-based loan trading infrastructure

ORSNN - Solution 1

Automates the broker role, allowing FIs to benefit from an expanded market without commission fees

ORSNN - Solution 2

Instigates pricing standardization based on historical analysis of the anonymized data repository of all the initial and final trade tickets

ORSNN - Solution 3

Streamlines trading workflows to analyze and understand loan data, empowering financial institutions to buy and sell opportunistically on the fly

ORSNN - Solution 4

Creates the first ever cloud-based analytics and loan trading marketplace that standardizes the ecosystem and breaks broker dependencies across all major asset classes

ORSNN - Solution 5

Disrupts the current trading paradigm, transitioning financial institutions to proactive, data-driven opportunistic loan trading, versus today’s reactionary trading

ORSNN - Solution 6

Creates an immediate vehicle for liquidity with financial institutions in the driver’s seat